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Inflatable Cow Project, pre-orders open!

Mooooo! It's a big inflatable cow! This is a custom toy project by Cyrin, one of our customers and he is willing to open up pre-orders to the public. So, that's what we're doing! *runs from the stampede!*

Pre-orders open today and will close on Friday, March 5th. Cost will be $370 per cow, as this project will be a much smaller run as it is a custom and not one of our official Puffypaws product line (like the wolf and husky). However, we still invest the same time, effort and love into making our customers the best toy they can get!

Here are the specifications:

* 4.5' tall and 7' long
* 6 chambers (1 body, 1 per leg, 1 on udder)
* 0.4mm vinyl (same as our husky!)
* Overlapping seams for strength
* $370 + shipping/handling (+ SPH costs, if you get them)

Additionally, you can get this cutie modified by Aphorx for an additional fee of 70 Euro ($105) per hole. We are only offering "rear holes" on this project. This service is ONLY available from PuffyPaws.

Pre-orders are simple! Just download the pre-order form and fill out your contact information, number of cows desired, SPH's by color (leave this blank if you want the toy plain) and the payment method you desire. Then mail this form to puffypawstoys@gmail.com and we'll get back to you with the official payment details. We don't expect payment until we process your pre-order request, so please don't make payments until we send you your invoice. Here is the order form. A German version will be available very soon.

Order Form [doc]
Order Form [rtf]

Pre-orders will close on March 5th, 2010! After this time, it will take about 2-3 months for the cows to arrive in the US. So, if your order right away, expect to wait about 3-4 months (about one month for pre-orders to close, 2-3 months for assembly and delivery)! We know that seems like a long time, but we will be posting project updates on our LiveJournal, blog, website, twitter, etc. If you choose to modify your cow then it will take a bit longer as Aphorx has to install his handiwork.

So, that's it! We hope you like it and are always open for feedback, questions, criticism and casual conversation!



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