January 23rd, 2012

Red Husky

Inflatable Otter Project (now open!)

It's a 7' long, inflatable otter float! This is a custom toy project thought up by our good friend Fairbank Otter (FA: Foxen) and they are willing to open up pre-orders to the public.

Pre-orders open today and will close on Friday, March 16th. Cost will be $350 per item. Click the link below to see the otter toy design!

Here are the specifications:

* 7' long
* 1 chamber design (#3 valve)
* 0.4mm vinyl (same as our husky!)
* Overlapping seams for strength
* $350 + shipping/handling

In regards to modifications by aphorx: He is now a student in university and now has an extremely limited amount of spare time which he's dedicated to fulfilling previous SPH orders as well as completing his studies. Once he has finished both of these, he will be willing to offer his SPH services on future projects.

Pre-ordering is simple! Just fill out the pre-order form (linked below) with your contact information, number of items desired and the payment method you desire. When complete, please submit this form and we'll contact you in regards to the official payment details. We don't expect payment until we send you the amount due invoice, so please DO NOT make payments until you receive and review your invoice.

Online Order Form: http://bit.ly/yPdLkW

Pre-orders will close on March 16th, 2012! After this time, it will take about 4-5 months for these otters to arrive in the US. So, if your order right away, expect to wait about 5-7 months (about one month for pre-orders to close, 2-3 months for assembly and 1-2 months for delivery)! We know that seems like a long time, but it's the nature of preordering! We will be posting project status updates on our LiveJournal, blog, website, twitter, etc. Just a reminder, we ship ALL around the world, but only accept international payment though PayPal.

So, that's it! We hope you like it and we are always open for feedback, questions, criticism and casual conversation! Feel free to contact us at PuffyPawsToys@gmail.com with questions, comments or concerns.


~Puffy & Aphorx
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