August 16th, 2010

Red Husky

Project Updates

Hey folks!

So, we've been getting a lot of well deserved questions along the lines of "What's the deal with the Zenith Project?", "When do pre-orders open?" and "When will the other items be shipped?"

Let's start by answering the first question. Rest assured, we are going to be running this project! We did a little bit of analysis on the wings and felt that they would not support their own weight, so we've redesigned them "ever so slightly" so that this will not be an issue.

Next, pre-orders will be opening on Sept 10th as the staff of PuffyPaws will be taking a 2 week vacation starting this Thursday. aphorx will be able to complete a few more SPHs on projects before he takes off to join us and to those of you that got them, you know how to check on their progress.

Finally, the other projects (Cow, Alexia and Vixen) were all shipped at the same time, so they will arrive at the same time. They should be arriving at the PuffyPaws offices the day before we go on vacation (d'oh!) but shipping quotes will be sent off either while on vacation or right after we get back. As soon as we receive payment, we'll ship your item(s) to you as soon as we get back. Granted, if you got the SPH option, that will add a little bit of time, but aphorx will keep you informed as to the progress of your toy's modification.

Thanks for being patient on this. We didn't feel it was fair to open pre-orders and then disappear on vacation. Nor did we want to wish messing up delivery by rushing to ship everything out before we had the chance to test inflate stuff, etc. We want to make sure that we are around to process your orders efficiently and answer all questions promptly!

Thanks again and see you in September!

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