June 7th, 2010

Red Husky

Wolf Project Shipping News

Hey there everybody :)

Just wanted to let you know a few things about the wolf project!

1) The wolves have arrived at both my place and Aphorx's.
2) I've contacted all the "non-SPH" US, Australian (essentially, non-EU & Russian) customers in regards to shipping costs. If you've NOT gotten this email, shoot me an email at puffypawstoys at gmail dot com or check your SPAM folder! Those that have paid for their wolf shipping should have their wolves in the mail since late last week...expect them to arrive soon and feel free to email us about your thoughts on the wolf!
3) Aphorx will be contacting all the other "non-SPH" customers about their wolf shipping costs sometime this week with the shipping invoice.
4) Those getting SPH'ed wolves will have to wait as Aphorx will have to hand mod each wolf and he will be in contact with each of you about the details.

Thanks again for all your patience and we hope for your support on future projects!

~Puffy & Aphorx
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