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Puffy Paws

We Make Plastic Fantastic

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Inflatable Zenith Dragon pre-orders now open!
Red Husky
It's our 7' tall, inflatable zenith dragon! This is a custom toy project thought up by Helsing (FA: Helsing), one of our customers and they are willing to open up pre-orders to the public. So, that's what we're doing!

Just check out all the features:

* 7' tall
* 3 chambers (1 body & legs, 1 per wing)
* 0.4mm vinyl (same as on all our toys!), except for
* Thinner (0.2-0.3) vinyl used on spikes, wing membranes
* Hips will taper into the body for improved rideability
* Overlapping seams for strength

So, that's it! We hope you like it and we are always open for feedback, questions, criticism and casual conversation!


~Puffy & aphorx


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Good luck with this one, guys :) I can think of plenty of very excited dragon-lovers who would be interested in this...

This will be the first toy that has legs and body linked. Previously, they've been kept separate due to durability issues. Have you solved the quandary of the dreaded leg seam split? :D

Not really worried about seam failure. It's less likely to happen with this design as air can escape into the body/other legs. Additionally the tapered legs should help direct stress away to stronger seams...so, yeah, we're not worried :)

I definably want this!

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