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Puffy Paws

We Make Plastic Fantastic

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Announcing our new pre-order project, the Zenith Dragon
Black Husky
So, here's our next project! Introducing the Zenith dragon! Roar! We'll be opening pre-orders 2 weeks from now for this fellow! Due to popular feedback, we'll try and keep the pre-orders open for 1.5-2 months this time so that everyone can get one.

Like always our toys are built with the finest attention to details. Standing at 7' feet, this dragon will feature overlapping seams, legs that slightly taper into the body, spikes made of thinner (than the rest of the body) vinyl with inverted seams for "comfort", a broad wing base so the wings are self supporting (i.e, no need for a choke cord like other dragons)

So, we'll post more details about the cost in two weeks, but in the meantime, let us know what you think at puffypawstoys@gmail.com!

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(Deleted comment)
sph-ed version? YES.
cost? Announced in 2 weeks
shipping? Payment is calculated after item has arrived in US/Germany for redistribution
size? 7' tall proportionally long
strength? .4mm vinyl featuring overlapping seams. We build durable, long lasting toys.

More information will follow in 2 weeks. ;)

That's a nice dragon. Do you, by any chance, do deliveries in South-East Asia?

We do, but we also find that sometimes shipping takes forever to get there.

Additionally, we'd ask you to make up images with signs in your countries language that read "Do not open with a knife", as well as a mailing label.

Ok, thanks. Might get one in the future.

i hope i can get one when the time comes

I would really love to RAWR that dragon!

I'm VERY interested

wow i need to get me one of those

wow i need to get me one of those

still no any information ? :(

yeah its been two weeks now

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